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2015 EARSHOT Jazz Festival

October 9 through November 18

The Earshot Jazz Festival swings into its 27th edition on October 9 and includes more than 50 distinctive concerts and events in venues all around the city through November 18.

The festival brings jazz greats from around the world into creative collaboration with area audiences and artists. Earshot celebrates Seattle’s place in the world of jazz with mainstage concerts by our award-winning student ensembles and a strong representation by our renowned resident artists.

The schedule for the 2015 Earshot Jazz Festival will be made available in August. Check for updates, or call 206-547-6763.


Earshot Jazz is a Seattle-based nonprofit music, arts and service organization formed in 1984 to support jazz and increase awareness in the community.  Earshot Jazz publishes a monthly newsletter, presents creative music and educational programs, assists jazz artists, increases listenership, complements existing services and programs, and networks with the national and international jazz community.
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