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Jazz: The Second Century
2008 Schedule
Thursdays in August, 7:30 pm
Chapel Performance Space
Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave N
$10 general admission

August 7
Neil Welch & The Narmada Project

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Neil Welch: saxophones
Chris Icasiano: drums
Luke Bergman: bass
Cam Peace: guitar
Brian Kinsella: piano
Tor Dietrichson: tabla/congas/percussion
Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee: sitar


With its debut record, Narmada (Belle Records), released early this year, the Neil Welch group announced that it would be a force on the local scene. Heavily influenced by Hindustani music and... (full preview)

Tony, Dan, David, Brian
August 14
Tony Grasso Saxophone? Quartet!

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Tony Grasso: trumpet
Dan Blunck: alto sax, bass clarinet
Brian Kent: tenor saxophone
David Johnson: baritone saxophone

The Tony Grasso Saxophone? Quartet! has always been a surprising unit – after all, among its three saxophones is one trumpet: Grasso’s. After nine years of honing its sound, the quartet is... (full preview)

Photo by Steve Horn

August 21

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Greg Sinibaldi: tenor sax, EWI (electronic wind instrument), electronics
Zach Stewart: guitar, electronics
Denali Williams: drums


Using loops and electronic gadgetry combined with woodwinds, electric guitar, and drum set, Goat creates music with a sharp, harmonic, and rhythmic sensibility that embraces spontaneity while... (full preview)

Byron Vannoy, photo by Steve Korn

Photo by Charlie Smith

August 28 (double bill w/ Byron Vannoy's Meridian & Pontius Pilots)

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Byron Vannoy’s Meridian

Byron Vannoy: drums
Chris Symer: bass
Kacey Evans: keyboards
Chris Spencer: guitar
Eric Barber: saxophones


After several years of steady and impressive growth as a player and leader, Byron Vannoy has developed... (full preview)

Pontius Pilots

Victor Noriega: piano
Robert Nelson (aka E.R. DoN): Akai MPC 2000, midi programming


Pontius Pilots is an electro-acoustic project that combines live piano and keyboards with pre-recorded samples. A collaboration between pianist and composer Victor Noriega and producer-musician Robert Nelson (e.R.DoN), the duo marries an array of... (full preview)

In the summer of 2006, Earshot Jazz began a comprehensive project entitled “Jazz: The Second Century,” an initiative intended to address jazz’s progressive transition into the future. This concert series seeks to bring the discussion into creative motion where it matters most - on the stage, with an attentive audience.

Earshot Jazz is a Seattle based nonprofit music, arts and service organization formed in 1984 to support jazz and increase awareness in the community.  Earshot Jazz publishes a monthly newsletter, presents creative music and educational programs, assists jazz artists, increases listenership, complements existing services and programs, and networks with the national and international jazz community.
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