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2nd cent

Submission Deadline:
June 3, 2014

Please send submissions electronically to:

or by mail to

Earshot Jazz
Attn: Jazz: The Second Century
3429 Fremont Place N., #309
Seattle, WA 98103-8650

Jazz: The Second Century

Call for Artists

In the summer of 2006, Earshot Jazz began a project entitled Jazz: The Second Century, an initiative addressing jazz’s progressive transition into the future. The goal of the series is to present music performances that question and expand the conventional boundaries and parameters of the jazz form. As such, this concert series brings that discussion into creative motion where it matters most – on the stage, with an attentive audience.

Earshot Jazz seeks submissions from Seattle-area artists and ensembles for inclusion in the 2014 Jazz: The Second Century series. Any use of instruments or creative expression will be considered, as will any interpretation of the meaning of jazz. Submissions should include a recorded sample of a project that can be performed in a concert setting. We encourage applicants to include any words or sentiments that speak to their musical interpretation of the next stage of jazz music.

Artists and ensembles are selected by a blind-jury process. Selected artists and ensembles perform during July 2014. Artists will be paid a competitive fee for the performance. Please send submissions electronically to; or by mail to Earshot Jazz, 3429 Fremont Place N., #309, Seattle, WA 98103-8650. Submission deadline is June 3.

Direct questions and comments to Earshot Jazz at (206) 547-6763 or A list of past Jazz: The Second Century artists and ensembles can be viewed at Second Century Series archive.

2014 Performances Are Scheduled for Thursdays in July TBA.

Earshot Jazz is a Seattle based nonprofit music, arts and service organization formed in 1984 to support jazz and increase awareness in the community.  Earshot Jazz publishes a monthly newsletter, presents creative music and educational programs, assists jazz artists, increases listenership, complements existing services and programs, and networks with the national and international jazz community.
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