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About Earshot Jazz

Artist Submissions

Earshot Jazz accepts artist submissions year-round.

Please send an artistic sample and your promotional materials to the attention of John Gilbreath at

Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle
Attn: John Gilbreath
3429 Fremont Place N, #309
Seattle, WA 98103

or email them to jazz (at) earshot (dot) org.

Dr. Lonnie Smith
Photo taken at the 2006 Earshot Jazz Festival.
Photo by Daniel Sheehan

Contact Info

Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle
3429 Fremont Place N, #309
Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 547-6763
Fax: (206) 547-6286

John Gilbreath, executive director
jazz (at) earshot (dot) org

Karen Caropepe, managing director
karen (at) earshot (dot) org

Caitlin Peterkin, programs assistant
caitlin (at) earshot (dot) org

Schraepfer Harvey, Earshot Jazz editor
editor (at) earshot (dot) org

General Information:
jazz (at) earshot (dot) org

Earshot Jazz Advertising:
ads (at) earshot (dot) org

Jazz Calendar:
jazzcalendar (at) earshot (dot) org

Earshot Jazz is a Seattle based non-profit music, arts and service organization formed in 1984 to support jazz and increase awareness in the community.  Earshot Jazz publishes a monthly newsletter, presents creative music and educational programs, assists jazz artists, increases listenership, complements existing services and programs, and networks with the national and international jazz community.
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